What does Detox the Algorithm mean?

At the moment, YouTube (and others)’s algorithm is designed to maximise the user’s time spent on their platform, even if that sometimes means millions of people watching misinformation. 

Detox the Algorithm means that the company must end its free promotion of misinformation, disinformation and hate speech videos by extracting such videos from its recommendation algorithm, starting immediately with climate misinformation videos. 

Avaaz is also asking YouTube to:

  • Demonetize Disinformation -- Add disinformation and misinformation to YouTube’s relevant monetization policies, ensuring such content does not include advertising. 
  • Correct the Record -- Work with independent fact-checkers to inform users who have seen or interacted with verifiably false or misleading information, and issue corrections alongside these videos.

Detox the Algorithm is part of a wider campaign to fight disinformation on social media. To learn more about this critical work, please visit our Disinfo Hub.